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No More Pain

You took the tears from my eyes,
You took the beat from my heart,
You took the joy from my happiness.

What more do you want?
What more can I give?

You took the hope from my future,
You took the future from my dreams,
Yet still I dream; of a bleak future, still I dream.

What more do you want?
What more can I give?

No More,
Never Again,
Not Now,
Not Ever

Nothing, Nothing will I give to you, you already got my all,
No More, No More will you depress my happiness,
Nevr Again, Never Again will you cause my heart to pain,
Not Now, Not Now will you force me to give up on my dreams,
Not Ever, Not Ever will I give you more.

I gave, I gave, I gave
T’as never enough, never enough, never enough.

You gave, you gave, you gave
T’as never what I needed, never what I asked for.

Don’t give, don’t give, don’t give anymore
Don’t need, Don’t need, Don’t need anymore

Never will I give you more!